12/15/2018 – 09:20:52 10 patients have died after a vaccine trial in England and Wales ended early because of COVID symptoms, a coronavirus advisory committee said on Tuesday.

The committee said that the trial for the vaccine was to last at least two weeks and was being halted after 11 patients were declared COVID negative and 10 more had tested positive.

“We are concerned that this trial has not reached the required threshold of COVIS-19 activity and is likely to have a limited impact on the UK vaccination programme,” it said in a statement.

“It is important to remember that the COVID vaccines are being manufactured in-house by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and are not supplied to the public.”

While we are disappointed with the outcome of the trial, we believe that the vaccine is the most appropriate option for UK citizens currently living with COVID and are recommending that the phase two vaccination programme continue.””

It is essential that people remain aware of the latest information regarding COVID vaccine safety and that their vaccinations are as effective as possible,” it added.

A UK government spokesman said on Monday that the vaccination trial had “made a significant contribution to the country’s COVID eradication campaign”.”

We have a vaccine that is effective and safe, and we are confident that the UK will be able to bring its COVID vaccination programme up to date in the coming weeks,” he said.”

In the coming months, we will review our COVID programme and will ensure that all new COVID vaccinations are tested against COVID.

“The UK’s vaccination programme remains the safest in the world and we continue to encourage people to remain up to the date with the latest vaccine news.”

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