Anesthesiologist and drug maker Dr. John L. Bostick, Jr. has a story that’s often told by patients about a drug that, in the words of one patient, “is as powerful as morphine.”

It is a powerful painkiller, but it’s not without risk.

Bongarts Bioscience, which is owned by the pharmaceutical company Merck, made a powerful but controversial drug for cancer patients, a cancer drug called Nexium.

The company was sued by a former employee who alleged he had been dosed with the drug.

A federal judge later ordered that the lawsuit be dismissed.

The trial was thrown out by a jury.

Bongs Bioscientics appeal was dismissed.

In 2016, Bongart, then a senior researcher at Johns Hopkins University, was charged with fraud and conspiracy.

He had worked with Merck to develop the cancer drug, and it was supposed to be the first-in-class drug.

But in early 2018, the FDA was called to review a complaint from the former employee, who had complained that he’d been drugged by Bongartz.

Bond was set to expire on that drug in 2020.

When the drug’s manufacturer Merck announced the expiration, the company said it had taken the necessary steps to protect the safety and efficacy of the product.

Bologna, the largest pharmacy in the country, began charging $1,200 for a 1-milligram pill of Nexium, and patients had to pay another $2,000 for the same dose.

But the drug was marketed as a powerful cancer drug that could cure cancer patients.

Bodega and other pharmacies, including a few large chains, were doing business as usual, with no side effects.

Then came the trial of Bongarty.

A former employee told the jury that Bongarte had drugged him, then told him to pay $5,000, which he refused to do.

Bienvenue told the court that Bodegards actions “were motivated by greed.”

Bodegas attorney, John M. Schmitt, told jurors that Bolognes company did not want to pay Bienvia for the drug because it had no plans to offer it in the market.

Bidegas had no obligation to pay the ex-employee, Schmitt told jurors.

Bonten, Bodegan and others, however, did.

Bose’s chief executive, David Bose, told the hearing that the company was “not going to tolerate” any “vile conduct that would put any other person or entity in a position of vulnerability or pain.”

He called Bongars actions “inappropriate, reckless, and unconscionable.”

Bose was eventually fired, but the former executive has not been charged.

Bosed’s attorney, Scott D. Brien, told reporters, “I am very confident that, on the facts and circumstances, that no harm has been done by the actions of Mr. Bosen.”

But Bose did not address the allegations against Bongarton.

Bocci, the former Bose attorney, said he believes the company’s decision to charge Bose violated Boses right to privacy.

He said he is now suing the company for $1 billion.

“I think Bose has a constitutional right to speak out,” Bocchi said.

“But I think it’s important that Bose not be able to do so.

It is very clear that this was an outrageous and unlawful practice.”

As the trial approached, the pharma industry faced mounting pressure from consumer advocacy groups to take a hard line against Bose.

The American Association of Retired Persons, the American College of Physicians and the American Medical Association issued a joint statement, calling Bose a “misguided pharma executive” and a “fraud” who had “lied to the American public” about the safety of Nexia.

BOSE has denied wrongdoing.

Boden and Bose have argued that Bote is the victim of a smear campaign by a handful of journalists and former employees who used the case to smear Bose and Bosen.

Bote has denied any wrongdoing.

The hearing was held before a jury in September.

The jury deliberated for less than an hour, but a decision is expected in the next few weeks.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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