Doctor elised is one of the leaders of a movement in the US that seeks to expand healthcare to everyone.

Elised, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Washington University in St. Louis, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in August and had surgery to remove a portion of her uterus.

The procedure involved using a high-pressure, suctioned tube to force the cervix open, which is what elised underwent.

She has since been in remission, but says the surgery has changed her perspective on her future.

She is optimistic, but also determined to fight for her health.

She believes that if she does not do well enough, she will lose her insurance, as it will cost her more money to pay for the procedure.

She believes that the health care system needs to expand to everyone, and that is what she believes will happen once she recovers.

Elise says she has a long list of reasons to hope.

She says she wants to expand the scope of healthcare to include all women, including those who are on fixed incomes, the poor and those with pre-existing conditions.

She has been advocating for this change since she first heard about the Affordable Care Act and the Affordable Healthcare Act, which were passed by Congress in 2010.

Elisabeth also believes that her experiences as an OBGYN have taught her that it is possible to provide high-quality healthcare.

She explains that, at her OBGYNs, we are expected to do everything we can to reduce our patients’ health care costs.

We are expected, and we are trained, to ensure that our staff are up to date on their patients’ medications and medical histories.

We also have a vision that all women deserve to be treated with the utmost care, and to have the right to choose their health care provider.

Elises goal is to reach all of the people she knows, and the people that are important to her, and who will ultimately benefit the most.

She is not interested in the establishment of a single system of healthcare, but is focused on providing healthcare that works for everyone.

This story originally appeared at Breitbart News.

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