It’s hard to explain to someone who’s never been a doctor, but if you’ve ever been in a doctor’s office and you’ve seen a patient, you’ve probably noticed that your doctor doesn’t sleep well.

They usually just don’t sleep at all.

There’s nothing particularly special about them, of course, and they probably won’t be sleeping well at all in a couple of months, but they do feel more tired than normal. 

When doctors are working long hours, it’s normal for them to feel exhausted. 

But they can rest and recover from the work.

And when they’re not working, they can still be as productive as they ever were, or more. 

The main thing doctors do for their patients is sleep.

If they sleep, it is because they need to, and it’s not because they are trying to. 

They have a variety of ways of getting more sleep, but the most common way is to take a nap, usually in the morning. 

It’s not surprising that when they do take a night nap, they don’t feel much like they’re sleeping, because that’s when they’ve had the most time to recover. 

Doctors usually do this for a couple reasons.

One, it helps them get to sleep at night and get the most sleep they can.

And two, they get better sleep because it’s helping them get the rest they need when they get back. 

In fact, when a doctor does get up to take his or her nap, it can feel as if it’s taking them forever. 

So what can doctors do to get more sleep?

Doctors often recommend things like stretching or sleeping in the dark. 

Stretching is a great idea for any patient, but it’s especially important for the older people. 

If a doctor is working late at night, he or she might not be getting enough sleep. 

Sometimes the older doctor might even feel more restless and agitated.

So it’s important to sleep with your patient if you can, because this is the time when they might be the most tired. 

You might be able to find a doctor who will help you sleep better if you tell him or her what your doctor does and how he or her does it. 

There are many ways to sleep more soundly and safely. 

Dr. Andrew N. Johnson, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, is the author of “The Sleep Solution,” which is now in the bookstores. 

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