A doctor is famous for telling you how to live, says one of Australia’s most revered medical figures.

In a new podcast, Dr Oz and his colleagues discuss the best medical care they have ever received and the lessons they have learnt.

Dr Oz’s Dr Oz Talk is hosted by comedian, comedian extraordinaire and comedian, and Australian icon, comedian, Dr Tara Reid.

Dr Reid, the co-creator of the award-winning television show The Dr Oz Show, is an award-nominated medical practitioner, a regular on Australian TV and a host of popular podcasts and TV shows.

Dr Tara Reid (@TaraReidShow) March 15, 2019Dr Oz and the Dr Oz team discuss the most important things they have learned, from the best doctor in the world to the best way to treat a common cold, with Dr Tara’s colleague, comedian and presenter, comedian & presenter, Dr John Oliver.

Dr Roberta Gartrell is an American doctor who is also a host and a co-host of the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr Gartrel is also an author of several books, including the bestselling How to Make Your Body Burn Your Hair, and is the author of The Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde of Nutrition.

Dr Osmond is a British actor, writer, comedian who is one of the stars of the hit BBC sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Dr Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor Who, who has appeared on The Doctor, The Celebrity Big Brother and The Biggest Loser.

Dr Capaldi was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012, and had a double mastectomy, after which he was discharged from hospital.

Dr Owen’s doctor, Dr Peter Capaloni, has been a regular contributor to Dr Oz’s show since 2012, as well as hosting the podcast The Dr Jekyl & Mr Thylacine.

Dr Parnell is an Australian comedian, who is known for his comedy specials, The Dr Parnells Hour and The Doctor’s Diary.

Dr John’s doctor Dr Andrew Dessler, is a member of the prestigious British Society of Dermatologists and was a doctor for more than 30 years.

Dr James is a renowned Australian comedian and a regular guest on The Dr Osmonds Hour.

Dr Stephen’s doctor is Dr Richard Watson, who was a surgeon for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Surgeons.

Dr Andrew’s doctor Doctor Anthony Gurdon is a leading expert on inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr Ian’s doctor Doctors Peter and James MacNeil, are both doctors.

Dr Sarah’s doctor and Dr Peter’s doctor are both gastroenterologists.

Dr Tom’s doctor Peter MacLean is a gastroenterologist.

Dr Paul’s doctor Professor Peter Hickey is a senior lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Nick’s doctor Alan Bannister is a medical historian and author of A New Australian Perspective.

Dr Sam’s doctor David Smith is a lecturer in genetics and genealogy at the Australian National University.

Dr Mark’s doctor Prof Andrew Jager is a geneticist and co-director of the University College of Australia-Dunedin Human Genome Institute.

Dr Neil’s doctor Paul McDonagh is a professor of genetics at the Medical University of South Australia.

Dr Michael’s doctor Ian Bowers is a researcher and professor of medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Dr Tony’s doctor Mark Thomas is a Professor of Medicine and Genetics at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital.

Dr John’s GP Dr John Hennig is a biochemist and the founding director of the Australian Institute of Medical Research.

Dr Anthony’s doctor Stephen Wilson is a genetics expert at the Howard University School of Medicine.

Dr David’s doctor Anthony Giddens is a cofounder of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

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