A new TV ad for a witch doctor by the American actress Lizzie Borden (Mozart) has gone viral after it went viral on Twitter. 

The ad features Borden wearing a mask and performing witchcraft on a group of people, saying “The Witch Doctor has arrived!” 

The witch doctor appears to be a witchdoctor who performs magical practices on people with no medical treatment. 

“The Witch Doctors magic is to take you from the hospital to the moon,” she says. 

Borden, who is based in Chicago, will appear in the TV spot in the coming weeks. 

According to the New York Times, Borden is currently filming a movie based on the book Witch Doctors and was the subject of a film festival invitation to perform in London this year. 

(The movie is called Witch Doctors: An Untold Story.)

The ad was first spotted on YouTube, and it’s not clear how much Borden has in the bank for the movie. 

She recently opened her own cosmetics company called Witch Doctor Cosmetics, and her new TV spot is expected to debut later this year on the channel.

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