It’s a way to show that you care about your patients and to say “I’m here”.

It’s not a photo of you.

It’s the doctor’s personal note.

But it can be tricky. 

In this series, the BBC’s World Service correspondent, Nick Robinson, explains how to make the kind of personal note you’ll want to keep with your doctor.

It may take a bit of trial and error, but you can make it work. 

To make a note, you’ll need to: Write down your medical history, including any medical history you may have had before your operation.

Write down what your doctor has said about your condition and symptoms. 

Put your notes in a notebook, in a pen, in your hand or on a piece of paper. 

Make sure you use the same pen for each note. 

Keep the notes short and to the point. 

The note will need to be signed, but don’t worry about it being signed with your name. 

Write down your instructions for the note.

Write in a sentence or paragraph: “This is my note to my patient.”

“This was my note about my symptoms.” 

“I am here to help you.”

“Please write your notes with your full name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address and a picture of you.” 

When you’ve finished your notes, put them in your pocket or purse. 

Your note should be as brief as possible, but not too long. 

Don’t make it too long or you could have an unwanted surprise. 

What’s more, don’t keep the notes too long either. 

A doctor’s note is supposed to be for life. 

It should only be used as a way of reminding you of your care and support. 

If you want to share your notes on social media, you can share your note by writing it on a note board or using a Google+ icon, but the doctor will be able to see it. 

Once you’ve written the note, put it away and keep it safe. 

You may need to send your notes to a friend, or keep them on a personal file.

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