Doctors and scientists are mourning the passing of the world-renowned science fiction TV show The Doctor.

A group of doctors and scientists wrote an open letter to the show’s creators, saying it “has left us in a deep sadness.”

They say the show has left many of us in tears.

It’s been more than 40 years since The Doctor was last on screen, and for many of those fans it was a bittersweet goodbye.

The show was first broadcast on the CBS Television Network in 1976 and featured a young Doctor named Matt Smith who was a doctor in a small Victorian town called Riverdale.

He became famous for his iconic and memorable speech about death, “Death is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.”

He also became a social media sensation and created the iconic character of The Doctor, played by David Tennant.

The original Doctor had to fight against the Doctor’s evil nemesis, The Master.

He saved many lives, including the life of a young girl.

His final appearance, in the 2013 TV movie, “The Doctor Dances,” featured the Doctor dancing with his wife, Clara.

The Doctors last series aired in 2015.

Doctors and other scientists and medical professionals are mourning its passing.

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