The new Royal Queensland and Women-Hospital has been designed to look more like a medical facility, with a number of new features to complement the existing Royal Brisbane Hospital.

But while the new hospital is designed to be similar to the current one, it will still include the services of some of the best in the field, such as the Royal Brisbane Institute (RBI), which will now have a dedicated surgery and surgery centre.

“The first thing we’re looking to do is to provide the best surgical facility in Australia and we’ve got the RBA and our colleagues working together to do that,” Dr John Hogg said.

“And then we’re going to do some sort of transformation, to make sure we have the best medical services available to the community.”

Dr Hogg has been involved in the RBSF for nearly 40 years and said it was important to give patients the choice of which hospital to go to.

“If you are in a serious situation, you’re probably in a more advanced state of care, and you may have a long term, life-threatening condition and you’re likely to need a lot of medical treatment,” he said.

The RBA will operate under a new system, and the RBN will have its own hospital.

“We’ve got a number different hospitals in Queensland, and we’re also working with hospitals in the community to make their facilities better,” Dr Hogg explained.

“So we’re giving a lot more choices for patients.”

Dr John Higg said the RBI was a good place to start, with its expertise in emergency surgery and its focus on patient care.

“I think it’s an excellent place to begin, it has a good mix of people, it’s a really nice, clean and modern facility, which is something that we’ve never had before in Queensland,” he added.

“There’s a great balance of a lot different hospitals here and a lot going on in the world.”

It’s really going to be a great place to do this work.

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