A Canadian surgeon who was discharged from hospital after suffering a brain injury during surgery is calling it a “terrible decision” that led to his discharge.

Dr. Paul Lister had surgery on his brain on Tuesday to remove a clot that had developed on his skull.

“I was in the operating theatre and my partner was on the floor with me and said, ‘Can you please stay in the room?'”

Lister told The Canadian Press from his home in Halifax.

“He said, no.

He said, I have to go.

I said, OK.

He goes back into the operating room and I come back to see my partner on the ground, and he says, ‘Are you OK?’

“It’s like the end of your life. “

And that’s what it feels like.” “

It’s like the end of your life.

And that’s what it feels like.”

Lister is now a neurosurgeon at University of Toronto.

He has been a doctor at Nova Scotia General Hospital since December of last year.

He was discharged last Thursday after his neurologist at the hospital told the hospital he was likely to be released in less than 24 hours.

The hospital has since issued a news release saying Lister was discharged after the neurologist advised that the doctor could be discharged as soon as Wednesday, which was Friday.

“It was just terrible,” said Lister.

“Because it’s just like a death sentence for an entire year.

It’s just devastating.”

We’re going to make this right, but it’s a horrible decision for me to go out like that.

It was really bad.

“Listers surgery was a test to determine if there was a clot in his brain.

Doctors say Lister’s brain is still recovering.

The neurologist, Dr. William Cavanagh, said he believes Lister suffered a traumatic brain injury and said it was “very likely” he would suffer from dementia.

“And I was just screaming for help. “

My head felt like a bag of ice,” he told The Associated Press.

“And I was just screaming for help.

‘You have to take it off immediately,’ he said, and it was off. “

The neurologist said to my partner and said that’s it.

LISTER said the hospital has sent him to a local hospital and will continue to be treated at the University of Guelph. “

Then the doctor said, if you don’t take it, I’ll just put you in a coma.”

LISTER said the hospital has sent him to a local hospital and will continue to be treated at the University of Guelph.

He will be back in Nova Scotia next week to begin a fellowship.

“Right now I’m not even thinking about it.

I’m just trying to get by.

I’ve got a lot of work to do, and I’ve just got to be there for my friends.”

A doctor from Nova Scotia said the surgeon was discharged without charges because he has a history of head injuries and is in poor health.

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Listers discharge from the hospital as soon he has had an opportunity to get a medical opinion and assess the risk to his health,” said Dr. Robert Nunn.

“As long as we have a physician in the hospital who can assess his condition and advise him on the risks associated with the condition and any treatment options, that’s an excellent outcome.”

Nunn said the neurologists medical report was inconclusive and that Lister may have suffered from another condition, but he was not at risk of it.

The university said it would contact the surgeon to discuss further options.

LISTER’S RECORD LISTER was born on June 26, 1981, in Toronto.

His father is Dr. John Lister, an orthopedic surgeon at York University.

His mother is Lisa Marie Lister of Halifax.

His two older brothers, Paul and Pauline, are both professors in the University’s Department of Surgery.

Paul is a professor of surgery at the university.

His older sister, Margaret, is a neuroscientist at York and the university’s vice-president for research.

His other sister, Joanna, is an assistant professor at Dalhousie University and the University Health Network’s senior director for health information and communications.

LOST LISTER WAS IN A TURBULENT TRANSITION A decade ago, Lister and his wife, Driscoll, moved from Toronto to Halifax.

LOVED FOOD AND LOVING HIS FAMILY In 2010, Listers mother, Margaret Lister Lister (right), passed away at age 83 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

He loved his family, but had a very busy life, including an unpaid internship as an assistant director of research for the University Medical Centre of Ontario.

He became a regular volunteer at the local hospital, and said he was overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to see

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