A new online doctor prescription service aims to make it easier for people to get prescription glasses online.

The online pharmacy is a collaborative effort between SmileDoctors and Facelink, a facial recognition company that helps people buy prescription glasses.

According to the company’s website, the service aims at improving patient safety, accessibility and quality.

It offers a one-click option to download the app, which then allows people to purchase prescription glasses directly from a Facelinks site.

The app will provide users with the option to fill out their prescription online through the FacelINK app.

The company says that people who use the online app to get prescriptions for eyeglasses and prescription glasses, as well as for other products, will also be able to get them at their local SmileDoctors pharmacy.

“It is an amazing opportunity for us to provide an even more accessible, streamlined, and secure way for people with prescription eyeglass and prescription lenses,” said John D’Amico, the CEO of SmileDoctors.

The Facelinking app allows users to buy prescription eyewear, prescription glasses and other products online through Facelins software.

For people who have trouble getting glasses, SmileDoctors has partnered with Facelint to make this easier.

Facelints is a facial-recognition software that allows people with certain genetic profiles to see their images on a computer screen.

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