How to watch Doctor Who?

With an average of nearly 20,000 hours watched, Doctor Who is the most watched show on television every year.

While the Doctor’s adventures can be a bit convoluted, the series does a great job of bringing viewers back to the show.

We’ve taken our top 10 picks for your Doctor Who fix in the past.

Now that you know which Doctor Who episode you want to watch, it’s time to stream the series.1.

“The Curse of Peladon” The Doctor must stop a band of evil soldiers from unleashing a plague on Earth.

He’s joined by the Ninth Doctor, who’s searching for a cure.

The Doctor is a bit of a loner when it comes to the rest of the crew, but his time with them has taught him to be patient and understanding.

This episode features an amusingly tense climax that has you wanting to know more about the Doctor.2.

“Day of the Doctor” The Ninth Doctor is looking for his companion Amy Pond after her time as a Time Lord.

She’s a bit more open-minded than her predecessor Amy and is always willing to explore new theories.3.

“Who Gets the Good Stuff?”

When the Doctor discovers a new life form, he must decide whether to help the aliens or the humans.

This scene is a classic example of the show’s penchant for comedy and a good one.4.

“Unnatural Selection” The Fourth Doctor discovers an alien invasion force and must stop them.

The Ninth is a much more introspective and contemplative companion, and you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him when he tries to explain things to the alien soldiers.5.

“A Good Man Goes to War” The Eighth Doctor is tasked with stopping an invasion force from invading Earth.

The First Doctor is less analytical and more of a fighter.

This battle scene is fun to watch.6.

“Conundrum” The Tenth Doctor is confronted with an alien force that is trying to take over the universe.

The Sixth Doctor is more pragmatic, and he’s able to outsmart the enemy.

This moment is a nice reminder that the Eighth Doctor doesn’t always think things through.7.

“Rassilon’s Children” The Seventh Doctor must confront Rassilon the Second, an evil dictator who wants to control all of the universe in order to make himself powerful.

The Eighth is a little more emotional, but he is still a good man.

This is another great scene to watch because it shows the Doctor growing up and realizing that he’s a better man than Rassilons children.8.

“Face the Raven” The Sixth and Seventh Doctors are tasked with rescuing the Fourth Doctor from the Rassillons army.

This has some of the best action sequences in the show, including the moment where they jump into an alien spaceship.

The Fourth and Seventh also fight their way through the Rssillons forces, which is a neat twist.9.

“In the Pearly Gates” The First and Second Doctors are assigned to protect the Fourth.

The Seventh is a better warrior than his predecessor and has an awesome, heartfelt moment with his companion.10.

“Time of the Daleks” The Third Doctor is trying his best to save the Fourth’s life.

He gets a little too close to Rassilly, and this scene shows how far he’s come.

This could be one of the series best scenes, and it’s just a good time to remember why the Doctor is called “the Doctor.”

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