The air doctor is a person who treats air pollution with care, with some of the best possible results.

Here are the best ways to deal and avoid them.


Never use a device or a machine that has an auto-detect mode 2.

Always make sure that your air pollution detector is activated and you’re aware of its settings and settings options 3.

Always check the temperature of your air conditioner 4.

Never turn on your fan 5.

Always use a filter that will not be blocked by dust or water 6.

Never run your device in an enclosed space 7.

Never keep your device connected to the AC outlet 8.

Never put your device under any circumstances other than in a sealed container 9.

Never place the device in the garage or a storage area 10.

Always clean your air well, before it reaches your home or office 11.

Never leave your air quality monitor in a room that has dust or dirt, such as in the basement 12.

Always follow the advice of the local air quality advisory office 13.

Always keep your air cleaner at hand 14.

Always take a good look at your air filtration system 15.

Always wear ear protection when cleaning air filters 16.

Always stay away from the exhaust fan 17.

Never smoke in your home, outdoors or anywhere else 18.

Never open a window, door, or window sash 19.

Never take a shower in your air-conditioned home 20.

Never do laundry on the floor of your house 21.

Never clean your vehicle 22.

Never wear makeup 23.

Never change the oil on your vehicle 24.

Never drive on the freeway or in a crowded city 25.

Never stay outside in the carpool lane 26.

Never go outside with a group of people 27.

Never eat out in your vehicle 28.

Never buy alcohol or drink outside a public place 29.

Never rent a car outside of your home 30.

Never bring a car into a city with a curfew 31.

Never attend a sporting event at a sporting venue 32.

Never park on the side of the road 33.

Never get out of the car in front of a fire hydrant 34.

Never walk into a restaurant with a closed door 35.

Never give a driver your car keys 36.

Never allow a car to be towed 37.

Never sit in the front seat of a vehicle that is parked at a gas station or convenience store 38.

Never let a child ride a child-size bike 39.

Never enter a school zone that requires a seat belt 40.

Never ride a bike on a crowded street 41.

Never drink alcohol 42.

Never stand in a public space with an open window 43.

Never talk on a cell phone while driving 44.

Never swim or surf at a pool 45.

Never make eye contact with a pedestrian 46.

Never hold hands with anyone while driving 47.

Never wash your hands in public 48.

Never have a dog or cat in your car 49.

Never feed your dog in the yard 50.

Never touch a child on the beach 51.

Never try to open a vehicle door 52.

Never carry a child in your hand or in your pocket 53.

Never ask a child to move your backpack 54.

Never look at a window 55.

Never watch television in the back of a crowded place 56.

Never call 911 for help 57.

Never pick up someone’s luggage 58.

Never hang out with friends 59.

Never meet your friends 60.

Never share your mobile phone 61.

Never send your child a text message 62.

Never write a text or a Facebook message 63.

Never contact anyone you know online 64.

Never speak to anyone you don’t know 65.

Never tell someone you’re not at work 66.

Never read a news story on Facebook 67.

Never visit a news site that uses Facebook 68.

Never post on Facebook without first calling a friend 69.

Never join an online discussion group 70.

Never follow a group on Twitter 71.

Never play music on your computer 72.

Never tweet a message or post on Twitter 73.

Never click on a link that appears on a website 74.

Never comment on a Facebook page 75.

Never participate in a Facebook event 76.

Never sign up for an online service 77.

Never engage in any form of social media social networking activity 78.

Never discuss politics or government issues on Facebook 79.

Never be a part of an online forum that discusses politics or policy 80.

Never show a picture of yourself in a political campaign or video in a campaign video 81.

Never provide any personal information about yourself 82.

Never link to a website that allows you to download or share an image or video 83.

Never upload a picture or video that contains nudity or explicit content 84.

Never delete an image 85.

Never add a personal or sensitive personal information 86.

Never include any copyrighted content 87.

Never sell, rent, or lease your personal information 88.

Never host a website or share personal information 89.

Never submit a content to a forum that does not meet all of the criteria listed above 90.

Never reply to any personal or confidential

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