By Mark WilliamsSource: BBC News (United Kingdom)Last year, Drs Day was celebrated as the first of its kind, with a special event organised by the Royal College of GPs and doctors, who decided to celebrate doctors with a day dedicated to their work.

The Doctor’s Day celebration was the culmination of more than two years of work by the GP Council, and came as a result of an appeal by the NHS Trust, the Royal Free Hospital and the NHS Foundation Trust.

It is understood the GP Association has been working closely with the GP council and the Royal Trust to ensure that doctors can enjoy the same level of recognition as other professions, and this week the GP Foundation Trust held a special GPs Day in London to mark the milestone.

Dr David Fagan, a GP, told BBC News: “I am delighted to see that our profession has come a long way in the last few years and I’m sure this is going to be a special day for many of our doctors, especially those who are in hospital or caring for a patient.”

Dr Fagan added: “We are proud to celebrate with our colleagues who work tirelessly on the front line of our health and are committed to improving lives.”

The GP Foundation Foundation Trust will be hosting the event on Sunday, March 18, at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in London, where they will be holding a special reception.

An online petition was launched on Monday, calling on the NHS to recognise the contributions of doctors in the NHS by putting a plaque in the new £1.7bn Health and Social Care Museum.

The petition calls for the NHS Museum to be called the “Doctor’s Museum”, and the GP Museum, as well as the GP Hospital in the Royal London Hospital, to be renamed the “GPs Museum”.

The petition also calls for a plaque to be installed in the building to recognise Dr Fagan’s contribution to the profession.

In an earlier statement, the GP foundation trust said the event would be “a significant day for the health service, for the profession and for all patients”.

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