The NFL has banned players and coaches from taking any part in the process of getting concussed.

However, there are a number of things that doctors, research scientists, and fans can do to help their teammates recover from head trauma and concussions.1.

Know your bodyThe first thing you should know about concussion is that it’s not the body’s fault.

It’s the brain that makes the decision to hurt someone, and it’s the body that has the most to lose.

That said, doctors and researchers have been researching how to prevent concussions and protect players, which is why the NFL and the NFL Players Association have released a joint statement in 2017 that outlines concussion prevention and treatment protocols.

If you’re a football player, you may already have had a concussion, and if you have, you should do whatever it takes to avoid a concussion in the future.

You may not want to do that if you’re on a team, but it’s always better to get better than worse, right?2.

Know what you can controlA lot of people get a concussion on the field.

But if you are not prepared to handle that injury, your health is going to suffer.

If it happens to your daughter, your husband, your friend, or someone you care about, you’ll need to understand what you CAN control.

The first step in this process is understanding how your brain works, and how to protect it. 3.

Ask your doctor about concussion protocol1.

Check in with your doctor: You can always ask your doctor if you want to talk about your concussion.

However if you haven’t gotten your symptoms under control, it’s best to get some help from your doctor.2.

Learn about your symptoms: You may be able to identify the symptoms that may be causing your symptoms.

You can ask your health care provider for a diagnosis or symptoms checklist, which can help you figure out what is causing your pain.3.

Take your first steps toward recovery: If you think you may have a concussion and you don’t want to wait for your symptoms to improve, you can try a simple concussion protocol: take a 30-minute walk, take a short rest, or even just do nothing.

There’s no need to rush things, as you’ll feel better in a couple of days.

If your symptoms improve and you’re back to normal, you have a much better chance of getting a concussion.4.

Take steps to reduce risk of future concussionsThere’s a lot to consider when it comes to how long you can stay off the field after you get a concussed person.

What you need to do is limit the amount of time you play and the number of plays you make.

This will help your body and brain recover faster.

You should also make sure you take the time to talk to your family and friends about what happened.5.

Make a list of the people you care for, how they may be affected, and when they’re going to see you: Some people who are close to a player can be especially vulnerable to a concussion when it happens.

You might want to have a list that you can call for when your loved one is hurt.

The list can be on a phone or in a note pad and be kept in a place where your loved ones can see it.

You don’t have to keep the list in a box, but if you can, keep it out of the way of your loved-one or the other players.6.

Consider getting help immediatelyIf you’re worried that you may get a head injury, talk to a doctor or nurse about how you can prevent a concussion from happening.

They’ll be able help you understand what to do to protect yourself.

If there are other things you can do besides taking a walk or just being passive, it will help you take control of the situation.7.

Call your doctorIf you or your loved person is a current or former NFL player, talk with your physician or a family member about how to get started with a concussion protocol.

Talk to your doctor or a nurse about taking a long rest or how to take care of your body after a concussion that happened a long time ago.

Your doctor can help by helping you get the best treatment plan for your injuries.

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