“It’s hard to imagine a more inappropriate and embarrassing moment for a doctorate than the time you are teaching a class of young students, you have been invited by a fellow faculty member to teach, you are wearing your Doctorate, you look around the room and everyone is looking at you like you are a fraud and you can’t possibly be doing this for anyone,” the doctorate adviser told BuzzFeed News.

The adviser added that it was the “worst experience” she had ever experienced, but that it wasn’t the worst thing to do in her career.

“I thought it was really sad,” the adviser said.

The adviser also noted that she felt “disappointed” and “frightened” by the professor’s response. “

You were like, ‘Wow, this is pretty cool.'”

The adviser also noted that she felt “disappointed” and “frightened” by the professor’s response.

“This guy was just like, wow, this doesn’t feel right,” the professor told BuzzFeed.

“He was like, it’s a real shocker.

I was like ‘Well, it was a shocker, but I think I can get over it.'”

“It doesn’t seem like you’ve had any previous exposure to what a real doctorate looks like,” the lecturer told BuzzFeed, adding that the advisor had “never done an actual class before.”

“I feel like it’s not worth the experience,” the instructor told BuzzFeed after the professor said she didn’t know what he was talking about.

The lecturer said she was “disgusted” by how much she felt like she had to “sell” the experience.

“There are people out there who want to teach in this profession, and I don’t want to be that person, but at the same time, I have to do what’s right for the students,” the mentor said.

The professor’s experience of the class was the second time he had been called out on his credentials.

Last November, the advisor and the lecturer met at a restaurant in San Francisco to “discuss the job market.”

The lecturer told the adviser that the job search was “dead” because he was in the process of applying for medical school and “couldn’t afford to wait,” and the advisor responded by saying, “It does seem like this job market is kind of tough out there.”

After that conversation, the adviser “sounded pretty disheartened,” the student said.

“[The advisor] told me that if he ever did find another position that could be his, it would be the lowest-paying one.”

“He sounded like he had a real problem with the fact that I was being called out for the fact I didn’t have a doctorates and that I had no qualifications,” the advisor said.

On Monday, the lecturer said that he had contacted the university, but they had yet to provide any documentation.

“They just didn’t want me to do that,” the academic told BuzzFeed New York.

“My advisor was like [to me] ‘Well then, I guess we’ll have to go to another meeting and talk about it.’

I felt really frustrated and I just felt like I had to talk to somebody.”

He also said that after a second meeting with the advisor, he was told that the “doctorate adviser” had been fired.

The university told BuzzFeed that the professor had been dismissed “in the interests of academic freedom and due to his personal experience with the incident.”

“While the incident is being investigated by the university and disciplinary action will be taken, we do not condone misconduct and our actions are focused on preventing it from happening again,” the university said in a statement.

“The university is confident that its disciplinary procedures and processes are sound, and the investigation is ongoing.”

The university added that the instructor had been working with the university on a post-graduate project.

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