You’re not just looking to get the best doctor on the phone; you’re also looking to improve your relationship with your primary care doctor.

If you’re having a back pain problem, you want a specialist.

You want to be treated with compassion and sensitivity.

But if your doctor is just going to treat you as a patient, your relationship will be harmed.

That’s because doctors are paid by the hour, and by doing so they are likely to get paid more than patients who receive care from a non-specialist.

So if you want to improve a relationship with a doctor, you need to be able to justify the cost of their care.

The right approach is to ask questions.

When you ask about the quality of the doctor, or how many tests are required, or what the range of tests is, they are unlikely to take a look at you as an individual.

They’re likely to assume that you’re just making up numbers to get by.

So instead, ask questions about your relationship to your primary doctor.

This can be as simple as asking why they’re calling you.

“Are you happy with your care?

How often do you have appointments?”

“Do you feel comfortable asking questions?”

“Have you been to see your doctor?”

The right questions can help you get answers to questions like, “How often do I get a visit?” and, “Do I feel comfortable getting an x-ray?”

“How many tests have I had?”

“Can I ask for a repeat x-or-more?”

You can also ask for specific tests, and to do this, you will need to have access to the test kit, the results and the test results.

It’s often the case that you will have to pay for a test that your primary physician doesn’t have.

If your primary has a good reputation, or is the only doctor in your area, it might be worth asking for a blood test to see if the blood is OK.

If the test is negative, you can always have the results sent to the lab to be tested.

If a test is positive, you may want to have it sent to a specialist for further testing.

Ask for a physical examination (or exam) of your doctor to get their opinions on your back pain.

You can ask for an MRI or CT scan.

These scans are usually done for other reasons than back pain, and can give you information about how your body is working, including what your muscles are doing and how much pressure there is.

In some cases, a doctor may even have an xerostomies or a CT scan to do to make sure that your back is healthy and not causing pain.

Ask how much you’re paying for the tests and how long they are going to take.

If there are questions about whether the tests will cost more than you paid for them, ask them.

For example, if your primary wants to charge you a fee for a CT, ask whether you’ll have to provide a credit for the test you paid them for, or the test will cost you money to get it done.

If they don’t charge you for tests, ask why they haven’t charged you for the scans, and whether they’ll let you borrow money from a credit card to cover the cost.

Ask if you can get a refund for the cost you paid.

If not, ask what else you can do to help them.

If all else fails, ask if there is a way for you to get access to a refund.

The best way to improve the quality and efficiency of your relationship is to work out a new way of working together, to work towards a common goal and to keep things moving forward in a positive direction.

Dr. John Tiller is a physician in the United Kingdom and a member of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Surgeons and the Australian Medical Association.

His work has appeared in a number of international medical journals.

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