The WitchDoctorSong is a parody of the famous Doctor Who episodes “The Witch”, “The Day of the Doctor”, “An Unearthly Child”, and “The Power of Three”.

It was first released as an album and as a single in 2013.

The song has now become a worldwide phenomenon, with the #WitchesDoctor hashtag trending on Twitter.

The video is a mash-up of several different Doctor Who music videos with the words, “Doctor Who: Witch Doctor”, which were created by the band The Witch.

The band released the video for the song on YouTube on February 10, 2016.

In this clip, the doctor looks at you with a creepy smile.

He has a mask on his face.

You’re wearing a wig and gloves.

You walk around in the forest and you hear these voices.

You start to feel like you’re the Doctor.

The WitchDoctor sings about a woman called the WitchDoctor who has a special power, who is trying to save people and has a creepy face and a creepy voice.

In the video, the Witch Doctor speaks with a voice that is very creepy.

The Witch Doctor says: “You are not me.

You are not my friend.

You do not belong here.

The Doctor and I are not friends.”

The song also features a parody clip of the song from the season finale of Doctor Who called The Day of The Doctor, where the Doctor tries to convince the Witch to let him go to Mars and get rid of his alien skin.

The band’s new album, The Witch Doctors Doctor, was released on May 7.

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