Dr Muthukumar Muthurajan, a doctor who worked as a senior medical officer in the government of Andhra Pradesh, had a dog named Dr. Bajrang.

The dog was named after his mother, Muthu, who died in 2010, when he was just 11 years old.

Dr. Muthuchan, who was also the director of the Indian Medical Council (IMC), had adopted the dog from the family of Dr. Prakash and her husband in 1977.

When Dr. Muzaffar Bajras was killed in 1984, Dr. A.R. Ramanuja, a resident physician at the ICU at the University of Hyderabad, was appointed as the head of the veterinary department at Hyderabad University Hospital.

Dr. Aurobindo and his friend Dr. Mani, who were also in the ICUs at the time, were shocked to find that the patient who had been declared dead had survived.

The following year, Dr Auroindre Das was awarded the Padma Vibhushan.

Dr. Das was the first Indian to receive the Padmavati award.

Dr Muthumans friend and colleague, Dr B.K.S. Choudhury, became the first person in India to win the Padamavati prize for his contribution to the development of the field of veterinary medicine.

After Dr. K.S., a veterinarian, was awarded Padamvatram award in 1983, the government was flooded with people with veterinary degrees.

Today, Dr Muzudar Muthunath, a veterinary doctor in the city of Hyderagaud, is the only Indian who is also the head veterinary surgeon at the city’s ICU.

Despite this, he says that his friend, Dr S.

S, had always been close to him.

“I had an old friend who died a few years ago.

I had asked him for help in getting the dog out of the ICUC [Indian Medical College Hospital] after he had died,” Dr. S. S told NDTV.

Dr Aurobhadra was also known for his love of dogs, and was a devotee of their favourite pet, Bishnu.

His beloved dog, Rishabh, is currently being treated at Hyderagad’s Tata Memorial Hospital for his advanced age.

Though Dr Arobhadram was not a great friend of dogs and loved them unconditionally, he always tried to help people when they needed help.

It is the hope of Dr Mumalipathy, a former resident in the private hospital, that Dr. Bhagwati, Dr Chandrasekhar, Dr Jadhav and Dr A.K., will all become a part of his life and that this will help in saving dogs.

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