Doctors in the UK and France earn a median salary of around £20,000 per year, with some earning double that.

However, some countries pay a higher average salary, and doctors in the US, Australia, France and the UK earn more than £40,000.

It is a result of an increase in the number of doctors in Britain and France, with the number in the top five earning over £30,000, while in Germany and Spain, they earn more.

Doctors in Germany earn an average of £32,000 in 2017, while they earn £37,000 by the time they retire, according to the Medical Professionals Network.

However the average salary in Spain is £33,000 and the highest in France is £39,000 according to a study by the French government.

Here are the top 5 highest paid doctors, according the study:1.

Dr Daniel A. Smith, GP, St George’s, London, £24,0002.

Dr Alain R. De Saint-Laurent, MD, CUPE UK, London £24-30,003.

Dr Arie van der Meer, MD of the Royal College of Surgeons, London (£25,000-£30,,000)4.

Dr Robert A. McWilliams, MD (UK), £24.9-28.9,0005.

Dr Thomas A. Ritchie, MD (£24,900-£25,800)The top 10 lowest paid doctorsIn the US and Canada, doctors in Canada are earning less than the median salary, with their median annual pay in 2018 of $25,500.

In Britain, doctors working in England and Wales earn an median salary that is only £17,800, with doctors in Scotland earning less, around £19,000 on average.

The lowest paid doctor in Britain is in Scotland, at £11,500, while doctors in Wales earn around £11k, according a recent study.

Doctors working in the United States earn $19,500 per year on average, and the lowest in the world is at £14,800.

The average salary for doctors in Germany is £28,000 a year, while the average pay in France and Spain is $40,500 and $50,000 respectively.

However in the Netherlands, the average salaries are higher at around $47,000 while the lowest average salary is at $39,400 in Germany.

The top 10 highest paid British doctorsThe top five highest paid UK doctors are:1) Dr Andrew Fergusson, MD and Dr Robert Ferguson, Professor of Medicine, King’s College London, and Director of the Centre for Global Health Research, University of Cambridge, £37.9 million2) Dr David Fergson, MD3) Dr Peter H. Wilson, MD4) Dr Robert Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Director, Centre for Health Systems and Policy, University College London and Director Clinical Research Centre, Royal Holloway, University Hospital, London 5) Dr Stephen Fagan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London6) Dr Richard Hargreaves, Director of Public Health and Director Medical Officer, Imperial College, London7) Dr Pauline R. Bagnall, Director, Department of Health and Policy Studies, University at Buffalo8) Dr James L. Stearns, Director and Chief Medical Officer of the British Heart Foundation9) Dr George C. O’Reilly, Head of the Medical Research Centre at Imperial and Director General of the American Heart Association10) Dr Michael A. Condon, Director General, Royal College London

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