Theresa May’s government is aiming to take a fresh look at the NHS, and the doctors and medical staff that are supposed to keep it running.

But it will need to do it with a new set of priorities and new funding to tackle a rapidly ageing population.

What you need do know about the new health minister:Read moreTheresa May has faced criticism for her government’s failures to implement new health and social care policies, such as introducing free childcare and the introduction of a universal basic income.

But a recent survey shows a majority of the public would like the NHS to improve and improve it.

More than half of people in the survey said they would like to see more funding for doctors and nurses, and that it would be better to do so without introducing a new health plan.

More:The government is now planning to unveil a plan to provide a $1bn increase to the NHS by 2020, but only if it has the backing of the Greens, who have been critical of the government for its handling of the cost of the health reforms.

Greens health spokesman Adam Bandt said it was a “shame” the Government was considering funding the NHS at all.

“The NHS is struggling to survive in a world of increasing demand,” he said.

“We’re not going to let the Tories steal our jobs.

We’re going to fight for the NHS.”

What you should know about health and the environment:Read the reportThe government has promised to introduce a single-payer health plan, but the plan is expected to face a lengthy review by a new Liberal Democrat leader.

It is also likely to face scrutiny from the Australian Medical Association.

The Australian Medical Group has called on the government to delay the rollout of the scheme and said it should be a universal health care system that covers all Australians.

The AMA says the Government has no right to force doctors to perform the same tests as people in private insurance schemes, but could use the extra money to cover costs.

The Health and Social Care Act, passed in 2016, set out a number of specific targets for the new government, including a target to deliver universal health coverage.

The Prime Minister has also said she wants to give doctors the option of switching from a full-time to part-time role if it is more cost effective, and has promised she will seek to boost the number of GP practices.

But in her maiden budget, she set out plans to introduce an “inclusionary health system” that would allow some of the GP practices to close, which would force many more to leave.

She also said the Government would look at allowing a small number of public and private GP practices, known as practice centres, to close.

The Government’s new Health and Disability Strategy is expected in the next few weeks.


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