A doctor of optical sciences has been hired by the Maryland Board of Optometry to help determine the quality of the new optometric devices being used by the public.

Dr. Kevin R. Dolan, MD, is the chief scientific officer for the Maryland State Board of Optical Sciences.

In his new role, Dolan will oversee a team of three optometric scientists that he is overseeing.

Dankos team will review a variety of information including the optical properties of the devices, the optical features of the device and the quality and performance of the sensors.

He will also review the safety of the technology and its use.

“I am proud of our team for their work in developing these new products,” said Dolan.

“The board is looking for a team that is able to help with the transition and understand how the technology will be used.”

Dolan has been working on a new set of sensors for the new devices.

He said the new sensors will be able to detect light and other wavelengths in the light spectrum, which is the area where the human eye is most sensitive.

The sensor will also have infrared sensors that can detect wavelengths that are less sensitive.

Danks team will test the sensors on a variety-of-possible-products, from a product to a device to a consumer, as well as the human body.

“This is a team with a lot of experience, and a lot expertise in these types of applications,” said Mark E. Stang, MD and PhD, the board’s chair.

“We will take the best of the best, and we will take some of the risk and risk-taking that is involved in these new technologies.”

Dankos new team will also be looking for the best ways to protect the public, including using a variety, safer, and more cost-effective alternatives to the new optical technology.

Darens team will consider a variety options to protect from health risks, including optometric implants that could be used to help reduce vision damage.

Dr Dolan said he is looking forward to meeting with the Maryland state legislature and the board and hearing the state’s response.

“The Maryland Board has the responsibility of ensuring that the safety and efficacy of the optometric technology is protected by appropriate legislation and regulation,” said Dr Dolan in a statement.

“I look forward to working with the board to ensure the safety, efficacy, and value of this new technology and technology innovations in the state of Maryland.”

The board will hold a hearing in the coming months to consider the new products and to address the issues raised by Danko.

The hearing will take place at the Maryland Senate Chambers in Annapolis.

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