The best tattoo is to be contagious, said Dr. Peter K. Jockell, a professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and the author of “The Science of Infection.”

The science of contagion says that if we infect someone, we can infect them again and again and get better results.

That means that if you get an infection, you have a greater chance of getting another one.

And you are not going to get rid of the infection, because it will be with you for life.

But if you can get it out of your body, you will get a higher chance of preventing it.

The tattoo is one of the most effective ways of infecting people.

When you tattoo someone’s face, it is a permanent marker that has a high chance of infectively spreading the virus to other people, said Jocalkes partner and tattoo expert, Dr. James D. Fischbach.

You can tattoo your forehead, your chin, your cheek, or the inside of your mouth.

You have to take care not to tattoo the wrong spot, said Fischbeck.

The best tattoo, however, is to tattoo something that will help you to spread the infection.

You should get a tattoo that is designed to be easily removed.

You could get a big square of paper, a round of ink, or a square of metal.

You will want to do this on your forehead and on your cheek.

The tattoo is designed for people who are already contagious, so the tattoo should be very thin, Fischbach said.

It is also important that you get a large tattoo on the top of your head, Fichbach added.

You want to get that tattoo on both sides of your face, he said.

The size of the tattoo, he added, is important because it can tell a doctor what the size of your infection is.

Tattoos are an effective way of spreading the infection to others.

If you get the tattoo right where the doctor wants, the tattoo will help spread the virus, said Scott F. Davis, an associate professor of public health at the University of North Carolina.

And if you do it right, the tattoos can actually be a good thing.

“When you get your tattoo done, it will look like a piece of artwork,” Davis said.

“You are spreading the contagion to someone else.

It is contagious.”

Jockell said that if someone gets infected, the first thing they will do is go to the hospital.

If they have a fever, they will probably have to go to a hospital.

It will be a quick and easy process.

If the doctor feels like the infection is getting worse, he may suggest that they do some antibiotics, he explained.

If that doesn’t work, he will recommend that they get a new tattoo, Fitch said.

Dr. Fitch suggested that you avoid getting tattoos on your nose, neck, or eyes.

You are more likely to get infected with herpes simplex, and if you are having an infection on your face or neck, you should get it done.

Jockel said that tattoos can be an effective form of infection control.

“I think it is important to do what you can to spread your infection and get the virus out of there,” he said, “but you also want to be vigilant about keeping an eye on what you are doing and taking proper precautions.”

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