A group of doctors, nurses and hospital administrators in Texas who are paid more than $50,000 a year in base salary, travel allowances and bonuses say the compensation is not a fair reflection of the quality of care they provide.

In a letter to Gov.

Greg Abbott, the Texas Hospital Association and the American Medical Association, the group says that while many doctors are highly respected and well-paid in their field, there are still gaps in pay for doctors who are not on the top tiers of pay.

The letter is the latest from the doctors to call for reforms.

Abbott, a Republican, has called for a statewide study of pay and benefits for hospital administrators.

The study is expected to be completed this year.

The Texas Hospital Alliance says it does not want to “gut the game” of the healthcare system by demanding that all hospital administrators receive the same compensation.

It also calls for the elimination of base pay for health care workers and for the establishment of a “safety net” of other perks for hospital staff and hospital leaders.

The group says the average base salary for a health care worker is $41,739 and that is an increase of $1,834 from 2014.

In addition to base pay, the hospitals in the group have benefits that include free travel, discounted insurance premiums, reduced administrative expenses and increased access to a variety of community resources.

The hospitals say there is no need to eliminate the pay for medical staff, who they say receive their salary directly from the state and must be compensated for the services they perform.

The hospitals argue that the system has been well-designed to provide incentives to staff and physicians to deliver quality care.

The American Medical Group and American Hospital Association also have sent a letter urging Abbott to restore the state’s hospital administrators to their positions.

The two organizations say the pay disparity is unfair because health care providers in the state receive more than 100% of their salary from taxpayers and are responsible for paying for health services for their patients.

The groups says the hospitals also argue that it would be unfair for hospitals to take more from health care spending because the state is funding hospital operations with public dollars.

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