It’s not exactly the best example of the modern day doctor, but it’s an interesting one.

The New York Times reported that in a rare case, a doctor allegedly “fought back” against a woman who was allegedly attacking him with a scalpel after he had treated her. 

According to the New York Daily News, the doctor was reportedly at his desk when the woman grabbed a scalping knife and “shook his head” and “banged his head on the table.” 

As a result, the woman allegedly “lost consciousness and died,” according to the Times.

The doctor was hospitalized for treatment. 

The New York City medical examiner’s office declined to comment. 

While this is the most recent case of a doctor attempting to kill a patient, there have been a few others before.

In March, a Pennsylvania man allegedly attempted to cut off the penis of his girlfriend after he discovered she was pregnant. 

And in August of 2015, a Florida man allegedly attacked a man who attempted to rape him after he told him that he had a gun.

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