A doctor from the city of Kochi, who has been working for over a decade, has said the state is a “hellhole” and has not been able to obtain proper vaccines.

Dr Ajoy Bhatia, who is also the president of the Indian Society of General Practitioners (ISGP), spoke out on Saturday, saying the situation was dire.

“The situation is deteriorating and the government cannot be trusted,” Dr Bhati said.

He added that in the absence of proper vaccines, the disease could be spread and spread quickly.

Dr Bhatie said the outbreak has been traced to the Chhattisgarh district of the state.

In a tweet on Sunday, the ISGP chief called on the government to “provide all necessary vaccines”.

“We are pleading with the government and all other interested parties to provide the necessary vaccines to the doctors,” he wrote.

Bhatia said in March, India recorded nearly 4,000 cases of pertussis-related deaths.

The state is home to more than 300,000 people, including children and pregnant women, he added.

On Saturday, Dr Bhatti had called for an urgent meeting of ISGP to discuss a “quick response”.

India has recorded nearly 1,200 cases of polio, most of which have been in India’s remote tribal areas of Assam and Jharkhand.

While India is not yet on track to meet the target of eliminating polio by the end of 2018, a polio vaccine will soon be delivered to all children by the Indian government.

The country’s vaccination drive has been hampered by political and cultural sensitivities, with the BJP in power in India for more than 30 years.

However, the government has promised to provide vaccines to every child in the country, a pledge backed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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