Hand doctors are getting a makeover in the US as they begin to be marketed for the masses, and some are even selling their services as a way to help save money.

Hand doctors are the medical professionals who treat and manage the injuries suffered by patients in hospitals and clinics.

They also provide medical and dental care, such as bandaging and dentures.

But while these professionals are in a position to prescribe medicine and treatments, they don’t typically receive the financial backing needed to do so.

The National Association of Hand and Mouth Specialists (NAHS), a trade group that represents some 100 of the nation’s largest chains of hand and mouth doctors, says it has been lobbying for better funding for them.NAHS said the US$300 million in direct medical spending the US spends on hand and face doctors annually is the second highest in the world after the UK.

It says there are more than 6,000 registered hand and smile doctors in the United States, with another 1,200 registered in the UK, where they are also reimbursed by private insurers.NAH chief executive Andrew McConville said the group was encouraging healthcare providers to offer hand and facial surgeries for people with disabilities.NAHC says that in a recent survey of more than 500 hand and lip surgeons, 93 per cent of those who offered the surgeries said they felt they were offering patients the best care.

The majority of the respondents also said they were happy with the cost and that they were confident the surgeries were affordable.

In some cases, these surgeons have also become prominent advocates for helping patients with the costs of hospital treatment.

“A lot of the clinics are charging $300 to $500 a visit, and there’s a lot of people that just want to get the surgery done,” said Dr Richard McLean, the president of the NAHS.

“They don’t want to spend a fortune and are very happy with it.”

It’s not necessarily the cheapest surgery, but it is a way of saving money and being able to make some extra money for their families.

“He added that the cost of a procedure was also often dependent on the type of procedure.”

Sometimes a nose job can cost up to $300, so if you are dealing with a congenital nose, you can expect to spend at least that,” he said.”

The nose job will cost more than you think, but we think that if you get it done at the right time and at the correct price, you will be able to get a great outcome.

“The cost of procedures vary greatly from person to person, and most are around the $50,000 to $70,000 range.

Dr McLean said there was a lot more to it than the cost.”

People are very conscious about the cost, but they also tend to spend more on things like medication, surgery, and things like cosmetics, so there’s some value in a lot.

“If you get a job where you can do that, then you’re going to save money.”

Some people may also find it useful to buy insurance or a car to get around.

“There’s no such thing as free lunch,” Dr McLean explained.

“Some people will get a nice car for a nice price and they’re going, ‘I want that car and I don’t need to get insurance or I don,t need a car’.”

The NAHS said it was aware of the increasing popularity of hand surgery, as well as a growing number of celebrities and celebrities’ assistants in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and that the association is working to educate consumers on the benefits of hand-and-face surgery.

But it said there are still many patients with disabilities who cannot afford a proper surgery.

“Hand and mouth surgery is the fastest growing and most expensive form of medical care,” Dr MacLean said.

“That means that it’s going to continue to grow.”

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