This story is about the online doctor visits to sleep where the doctor gets paid the most.

It’s a good way to compare the pay of doctors across the country and across countries. 

The top spot for the best paid online doctor is for the hospital where you spend most of your time.

There are many online doctor services out there, but you need to be in the U.S. to see them.

You can find the most popular online doctor care providers, like Kaiser, United Healthcare, Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Medical Center.

We’ll start with Mayo Clinic. 

First, let’s look at Mayo Clinic’s pay structure.

Mayo Clinic pays its doctors $1,000 an hour and bonuses.

Mayo also gives doctors paid time off and health insurance.

You also get a 10 percent raise every year, plus a bonus if you finish in the top five percent of your specialty. 

There are many perks in the Mayo Clinic pay structure: a $5,000 bonus for completing a specialty, a $20,000 medical allowance, and a $5 bonus for meeting the medical requirement. 

When it comes to salary, Mayo is on the top of the list for most paid online doctors.

Mayo’s median pay is $4,700 an hour, and the median bonus is $15,000.

Mayo pays its online doctor the same $1k an hour that it pays its residents. 

As for the bonus, Mayo pays it out in three installments, with a bonus each month of $1.50 for every five percent above your median. 

You get paid $5.25 if you complete your specialty, and you get $2.50 if you reach the medical standard. 

To get an idea of how much Mayo pays doctors, we’ve included a chart showing the median pay for each specialty, with the top paying online doctor earning the highest bonus. 

Here are Mayo’s top paid online Doctor Visits: Specialty* Mayo Clinic* $1K-$4K*$2K-$3K*Top-paying Mayo Clinic Doctor Visit Bonus* Mayo Health System* $20K-$40K* $10K-$15K*Best Mayo Clinic Online Doctor Visit Pay* Mayo Hospital* $4K-$5K*(8.8%)*$5K-$10K*($15K)Best Mayo Hospital Online Doctor Visitor Bonus* Kaiser Permanente* $5K $8K**($20K)Top-paid Kaiser Permanently Disabled Doctor Visitation* NAMI Health System $5k $8.4K *($20.4k)Top 10 Mayo Clinic Doctors*$1,500-$2,500*$10,000-$15,500$10K$5,500-10,999*Top 10 Online Doctor Care Providers*Kaiser Health & Permanency $10,500 $15K-$20,999$20,500Top-ranked Mayo Clinic Health Centers*$3,500** $8,000**$15,200**$12,400Top-ranking Mayo Clinic Hospital*$7,500*** $15.8K***$14,800***$15KTop-rated Mayo Clinic Care*$11,000* $15%**$17,600***$18,500Best Mayo Clinics $3.5K*** $8k***$12k***($15,400)Top Mayo Clinic Healthcare Centers**$4,500***** $9,000*****$11.8k*$8,800*****$7.400Top Mayo ClinicoCare** $6,000*** $12,000 $11.2k*Top Mayo Healthcare Centers***$7K*****$14k**$11kTop Mayo HealthCare Center*$6,500******* $9.6k*** $10.4 kTop Mayo Hospital***$10.2K* $15k*($12.4)Top Top Mayo Clinic Health Care* $9K*** $15k**($11.5)Top Best Mayo Clinic Clinico Care***$10k****$16k*(11.7k) Top Mayo Hospitals*$9,500($8.5k)$11K* ($15.6)Top  Mayo Clinic Hospitals***$8.2M**$16.5M*(14.6 million)Top top Mayo ClinicomCare*$18.8M*$22.9M*($13.4M)Top best Mayo Clinic hospitals***$9.4MM*$19.5MM*(12.3M) Top Mayo Health Centers***($10.5%** $11M**(11M)**$7MTop Mayo clinics

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