Plagues are deadly and contagious, and the plague is no exception.

They are not a pleasant or pleasant sight.

The symptoms include fever, headache, cough, muscle pain and abdominal pain.

But, as we all know, the worst pain can be inflicted by a deadly disease.

That’s why many plague doctors wear a hat to signify that their patients have been infected and need to be cared for.

Here are the best facts and figures about the plague that you may have missed.

Plague doctor hat facts and numbers: WHO: The World Health Organization (WHO) is the medical agency responsible for preventing and controlling the spread of the disease.

It includes international experts who are experts in public health and other fields.

WHO experts also participate in medical research.

The organization also provides financial assistance to help developing countries develop their own vaccine programs.

WHO: WHO does not officially track how many plague deaths are reported to the WHO.

The actual figure is much lower.

According to WHO’s Global Outbreak Database, which collects data from more than 2,500 countries, the actual death toll in the past year for plague is about 1,200, while the number of deaths from the disease itself is about 2,700.

The WHO website provides a full list of official estimates, but the official numbers are based on data from WHO and other organizations.

In fact, the total number of reported deaths for plague in the United States is far higher than the number officially reported to WHO.

WHO estimates that there have been about 3.3 million deaths from plague in countries that have officially declared a pandemic, according to a recent report by the Global Outbreak Project, a group of researchers working on the global outbreak.

WHO reports that the number killed in the U.S. is roughly 2.3 times higher than in countries with officially declared pandemic status.

According in the report, the United Kingdom and Australia both have reported about 1.8 million reported deaths, while Germany reported an estimated 1.1 million deaths in 2015.

The United States reported about 12,000 deaths in the period between 2015 and 2017, and about 2.5 million in the entire United States.

According a statement on the WHO website, the official figure of the total death toll is 1.6 million, or 2.2% of the estimated 5.4 million total worldwide.

The International Federation of Health Plans estimates that in 2015, the number and severity of cases of plague worldwide rose by almost two-thirds compared to the same period last year.

In addition, the death toll for the disease in the developed world is estimated to be higher than that in developing countries.

According the International Organization for Migration, there are approximately 13.3 billion people worldwide.

That is more than one-third of the world’s population.

According TOF, the international humanitarian aid organization, about 9.2 billion people are at risk of contracting plague, and that number is expected to rise in the coming years.

According on its website, a plague case is defined as one of three conditions: The patient is under the age of six; the patient is over the age

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