Success in life is never an exponential graph. It takes a whole lot of good and bad times to define our path as we traverse the journey of living. The downward spiral necessarily gives us the most testing times, bringing together the much required learning and resilience to combat and overcome such hostile moments. The toughness garnered during these times makes us seasoned, evolving into our wisdom personally and transforms as experience in professional context. Toss the coin up and you will find that such life lessons are remarkable and turn success stories when we run into stardom that the society endorses. Flip the coin and the other end will have few of us, who get stagnant and static with problems that we run into. We tend to be left behind in our own pathway of life’s indulgence.

Antaranga is all about instilling the tiny voice that stays clear amidst all noises beating around, creating the faith to fight the demons of hopelessness, shaping you stay strong despite all odds and far and beyond, with the most powerful weaponry that of your mind, to live your life and not just exist.

Antharanga, is here to alleviate the possible dichotomy life brings to each of us. The duality of faith and despair, the inclination of putting efforts or being vehemently in denial, a determined rationale of sustaining consistently or succumbing to shadows cast in mind and an end destination of glory or vaporizing into non-existence. Life’s see-saw is reality. A lot many human will like to be part of your ‘see’ phase, those that of happiness, rejoicing your laurels to narrate. Antaranga is your friend for all the ‘saw’ swings that requires tremendous reinforcements in faith to pierce through tougher walks of life and for those doubting phases that invariably turns you singular and pushed against the wall.

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Why People Choose Our Service?

For millions of people, Antaranga Mind is the trusted and familiar home where they know they’ll find a healing touch. It connects them with everything they need to take good care of themselves and their family - assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, booking diagnostic tests, obtaining medicines, storing health records or learning new ways to live healthier.

How We Help

Antharanga is a helpline for people who are in distress and require an utmost support to shed inhibitions, open up and share their emotional vulnerability given the challenging situations. The platform allows people to reach out to our experts comprising of Psychologists and Psychiatrists online and help attend their problems with utmost privacy. We provide ease in access, convenience and affordable solutions and services Pan India through both Web as well as our App platforms.We offer an exhaustive list of online services that includes booking appointment with Psychologist or Psychiatrist as the need may be. We deal with wide spectrum of concerns from depression to anxiety and to those complex ones such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.The fulcrum behind Antaranga’s approach is to build our customers to respond than to react to the testing situation in hand. A reaction is spontaneous.It’s led by the faith, biases, and prejudices of the unconscious mind.When someone does something “without thinking,” that’s the unconscious mind at work.

A reaction is based in the moment and doesn’t take into account long term consequences of what one wants to do or say. A reaction is existence oriented and stays only a defense mechanism that’s momentary. A response on the other hand usually comes gradually. It’s assimilated from both the conscious and unconscious mind. A response will be comprehensive as it takes into consideration the well-being of you as well as people around you. It’s long drawn that will stand the test of time and also in line with your core values.Antaranga’s counsellors work in varying degree of complications arising out of feelings of inadequacy and being isolated or on the contrary a far reaching superiority that could overrule any fellow human opinions and also clouds one’s own thought process. Our counsellors are also experts in handling emotional distress through life experiences that could be arising out of childhood through parenting or upbringing. At the same time the experts are adept and seasoned in handling emotional breakdowns pertaining to a recent situation, lifestyle or substance.

Who Need Counselling

Depression and thereby distress is a significant human health disorder that has taken precedence in the current healthcare delivery systems. It’s unfortunate that we do not treat mind as an integral part of our entire body. And we seldom realize that mind is the chief driver of all our emotions and our eventual wellbeing. Such mental and behavioural disorder contributes to disability, morbidity and even at times mortality as an extreme step among the ones affected.

Counselling is for any of us who are perturbed by sudden bout of untoward incident in life or a phase which is prolonged and troubling us over a period of time. Due to Social stigma, we often pacify ourselves that we are absolutely fine and thus carry emotions filled with lies and helplessness. We stay on with self-inflicting thought that we are destined and the chosen one for such mental agony. What is extremely important is that Counselling is never for the retarded or the ‘abnormal’.

Counselling is a powerful tool to better one’s Self Awareness. As we understand ourselves better, we turn decisive, become aware of our inciting triggers, find ways of dealing and improving and chalk out plans that work best to guide our pathways in life. Counselling transforms a challenging life situation into a period of growth and change.Our friends, relatives or our brethren can still help us recover. However a feeling of being out of comfort to grief

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